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  • Otoplasty

    Is there something about your ears that bothers you? Do your ears stick out too far? If so, an “otoplasty” or “ear pinning” may be a solution to your problem.

    Our ears frame the borders of our faces so any abnormalities of our ears can become a cosmetic concern.

    Dr. Brown starts by carefully listening to your concerns.  Your ears are then examined to determine the cause of the abnormality.  3D imaging is then performed so you and Dr. Brown can discuss your goals and visualize your result.

    Problem Ear abnormalities.   Usually prominent ears (ears that stick out too far).
    Procedure Varies depending on abnormalities present and patient goals. In general, the ear cartilage accessed through an incision behind the ear.   The ear cartilage is then altered with sutures to achieve the desired shape and contour.
    Goal To draw less attention to the ears. Ears are only noticed if there is something about them that is abnormal.
    Facility Office, Surgery Center or Hospital
    Preparation Patients should not be using any nicotine containing substances.
    Anesthesia Local anesthesia, IV sedation or General anesthesia
       Hospital stay Most patients go home after surgery.
       Positioning After an otoplasty you should sleep with your head elevated above your heart for a few days to help reduce the swelling.
       Assistance You will be able to walk around, feed and bathe yourself.  Depending on your pain medication requirements, you may not be able to drive or care for others.
       Walking You are encouraged to walk around as much as possible.
       Showering You may shower immediately following surgery. But you cannot get your head dressing wet.
       Exercise Regular exercise after 1 week.   No contact sports or anything that involves wearing a helmet for 6 weeks.
       Sex Wait 1 week because you don’t want to increase your blood pressure during the early healing period.
       Work If you have a desk job you can return to work as soon as you are comfortable doing so.    You will have a dressing on your head for 1 week.   After the first week you do not need to wear any garment or anything on your head during the day. You will need to sleep with a head band on for 2 months.
       Swelling Usually greatest around 3 days after surgery from which time it starts to subside.
       Bruising You may be bruised for 1-2 weeks. We can also zap you with one of our lasers to speed up the resolution of the bruising.   Taking Arnica Montana before and after surgery will reduce the severity of the bruising.
    Follow-up Appointments 1 week, 8 weeks, 6 months, 1 year.
    Performed by: Dr. Ben Brown



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