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  • THERMIdry (Sweat Reduction)

    End your armpit sweat and smell forever.

    THERMIdry is a treatment performed in the office under local anesthesia. We begin by numbing up your armpits. We then pass a small needle like probe under the skin which heats up the sweat glands so they no longer work. While we do this we focus a heat sensing camera on your armpit to make sure the skin doesn’t get too hot. While you are numb, we also throw in a free laser hair removal treatment of your armpits – if you want.

    The apocrine sweat glands of our armpits SERVE NO USEFUL PURPOSE. All they do is make stinky sweat that does not help cool us off. The eccrine sweat glands located all over our bodies are important for cooling off our bodies via sweating. THERMIdry only treats the unnecessary armpit sweat glands.

    There is no downtime after the procedure, you can resume normal activities and swimming as soon as you feel comfortable doing so. You will have some mild swelling and maybe a little bit of bruising in your armpits.




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