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  • DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction

    1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime.  Fortunately, for most of these women the cancer is diagnosed early enough that they will live a long and healthy life after treating the cancer.    There is also a growing number of women having prophylactic or risk reduction mastectomies to reduce their risk for ever developing breast cancer.

    The medical oncologists and breast surgeons can prolong your life (by treating your cancer).

    Dr. Ben Brown can reconstruct your breasts to improve the quality of your life.   Breast reconstruction is Dr. Brown’s passion which is why he dedicates a significant portion of his practice to only breast reconstruction.

    Dr. Ben Brown offers the most breast reconstruction techniques in the Pensacola area.   He is the only plastic surgeon in the area that performs microvascular free tissue transfer (DIEP flaps, PAP flaps, etc.).  Dr. Ben Brown is proud to be part of the MD Anderson Physicians Network.   The breast reconstruction technique and timing best for you depends on your breasts, your cancer and the treatments required to treat your cancer.

    Flap reconstruction or autologous tissue reconstruction refers to using your own tissues to reconstruct your breast mound. The most common tissue used is your lower abdominal tissue.  

    The DIEP flap reconstruction involves transplanting your abdominal skin and fat to your chest to reconstruct your breasts. The artery and vein that feed your abdominal skin and fat are hooked up to an artery and vein in your chest under the microscope. It is like performing an organ transplant where the donor and recipient are the same person.  

    Once you’ve decided to pursue breast reconstruction in the Pensacola area, you want to make sure to find the right plastic surgeon.  Dr. Ben Brown is the only plastic surgeon in the region to train at a 6-year integrated plastic surgery program.  During his 6-years at Georgetown University, Dr. Brown was mentored by world renown plastic surgeons Drs. Scott Spear and Maurice Nahabedian.  Dr. Ben Brown offers the most reconstructive options in the Pensacola area.



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