Breast Implant Removal-OFFICE

Breast Implant Removal

Endoscopic Implant Exchange + Capsulectomy

Breast Implant Exchange

Breast Fat Grafting-OFFICE

Breast Fat Grafting

Breast Implant Exchange with Fat Grafting

Breast Instrument Set

Free Omentum Flap to Upper Extremity for Lymphedema

Delayed Bilateral DIEP flap Breast Reconstruction

Endoscopic Abdominoplasty + Liposuction (NO FAT GRAFTING)

Immediate DIEP flap Breast Reconstruction following Mastectomies

Facial Local Flap

“Dog Ear” Scar Revision – OFFICE

“Dog Ear” Scar Revision

Extremity Scar Revision

Facial Scar Revision – OFFICE

Facial Excisional Biopsy – OFFICE

Facial Excisional Biopsy

Facial Scar Revision

Facial Soft Tissue Trauma – Debridement and Closure

Abdominoplasty + Brazilian Butt Lift + Short Scar Thighplasty

Abdominoplasty + Brazilian Butt Lift

Bilateral Breast Lift with Implants (Augmentation-Mastopexy) + Brazilian Butt Lift

Bilateral Breast Lift with Implants (Augmentation-Mastopexy) + Liposuction

Mini Abdominoplasty

Abdominoplasty NO Liposuction (this is rare)

Facelift + Fat Grafting (Local only) – OFFICE

Blepharoplasty + Fat Grafting (Local only) – OFFICE

Facelift (Local only) – OFFICE

Blepharoplasty (Local only) – OFFICE

Bilateral Breast Lift with Implants (Augmentation-Mastopexy)

Medial and Lateral Thigh Liposuction

Pressure Ulcer Excision and VAC

Latissimus Flap for Chest Wall Reconstruction (NOT Breast Recon)

Bilateral Brachioplasty

Brachioplasty & Thighplasty

Second Stage Breast Reconstruction Following Autologous Tissue Transfer

Bilateral Breast Augmentation

Bilateral Breast Augmentation + Fat Grafting

Split Thickness Skin Graft

Oncoplastic Breast Reduction + Implant Removal + Fat Grafting to Breast

Oncoplastic Breast Reduction

Bilateral Breast Reduction

Extremity Expansion with Tissue Expanders

Immediate Bilateral Breast Reconstruction with Implants or Tissue Expanders and ADM

Labiaplasty + Fat Grafting (Local only) – OFFICE

Labiaplasty (Local only) – OFFICE

Breast Implant Exchange + Augmentation on Contralateral Side

Breast Reconstruction with pedicled TRAM flap

Breast Reconstruction with Tissue Expander and ADM + Reduction On Contralateral Side

Abdominoplasty + Liposuction Flanks/Back + Fat Transfer to C-Points

Debridement or Incision and Drainage